Blue Brick Heritage believes in the power of heritage sites and features to help educate adults, and children, about details of the past. Sites and artefacts work so well for this because they allow for interactive learning experiences. As well as the creation of heritage displays, promotion leaflets and heritage walking maps, the company offers educational demonstrations. We can provide displays in medieval wool spinning using a spindle whorl for fairs and local shows, allowing interested parties to try for themselves. The company have also created displays on medieval food and plants, and have worked with Cork band Torcán to create displays on medieval music.

Dr Elena Turk has extensive experience teaching and lecturing on Heritage topics. In addition to numerous local presentations and conference lectures, she has been employed as a lecturer (in buildings archaeology and heritage tourism) for the department of archaeology, UCC. Elena was one of the team of archaeologists who worked on the preparation of the ‘Archaeology in the Classroom’ program for primary schools (see and has since taught the course to teachers who wanted to use the pack in their school.